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We are innovators. Passionate about led technology, thermal management & mechanical design. Our Highbay and Lowbay solutions encompass all critical things that we think are important and overlooked by others. Never sacrifice on quality.

With our approach we are helping our customers to distinguish themselves in their market place. Having a constant eye for design, smart production and ultimately the best product.

Our customers are manufacturing firms, OEM, trading companies. Always business to business. We produce and deliver based on exclusivity with customized design as well as white label products.



Why Luctron?

Manufacturing Industrial LED lighting is a game of tradeoffs. You need to ask these questions:

1. How can I get an affordable, yet most efficient High Bay?
2. Can I get a functional High Bay without sacrificing design?
3. If used in a harsh industrial environment how long will they last?

So, at Luctron we are in the business of reducing tradeoffs. We do it all; producing a High Bay that is efficient, functional, long lasting, beautiful but still affordable.

What we believe

Making Industrial LED lighting without tradeoffs requires serious technology and accountable people.

The future is now. Our actions of today will have its effect someday in the future. Underestimating the essence of customer satisfaction will hit back sooner or later. But a focused and sensible treatment of customers will have its reward ultimately.

Our technologies

Mechanical design

Design and smooth production is the starting point for product development.

LED Technology

The LED engine is equipped with mid power leds for high efficiency and low operating temperatures. 50.000 hrs L70 is our standard.

Smart manufacturing

The drivers are built inside in the heatsink. Using FSW in the assembly process ensures optimum thermal management for driver and LEDs.

Driver technology

Making use of high voltage drivers. Driver efficiency of 97%, in rush current free. Dimming and functionalities integrated.


Applying optics on mid power LED is quite a challenge, we managed to get UGR under 22 with very high output levels.  

Thermal management

Using our experience in the high standard central heating market results in effective and efficient heat sinks.


About us

Luctron is part of the Rubitech group of companies. The basis of Rubitech’s product offering is aluminium.

Started in 1983 by offering aluminium high pressure die castings to the market. Specialised in parts for heating appliances. Invented a highly efficient heat exchanger for central heating boilers.

When adding LED technology and optics to our knowledge and experience of aluminium die casting, thermal management and smart production, the new standard for High Bay lighting was born.

Our R&D centre is based in The Netherlands. Production facilities in Malaysia and Romania. Final assembly in Europe. Dedicated supply change management realizes short time to market.

3 september 2015 - Rubitech 47 kl

Our mission

With a no nonsense approach and accountable people making it possible for our customers to distinguish themselves in their market place.

Our Promise

Make and Deliver, Inventive and Fast.

Rubitech Group

Rubitech is a Dutch private owned company, established in 1983, with subsidiaries in The Netherlands, Malaysia and Romania. Our brands: Rubitech Alucast, Rubitech Heating, Rubitech Luctron, Rubitech Components.


For business enquiries regarding our LED technology solutions, please contact us.

Ronald Booij, Marketing & Sales

Jan Spiker, Managing Director

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